• 4 Ways to Bring Down the Cost of Assisted Living

    Have you arrived at the decision that assisted living is the best choice for a loved one?

    Are you worried about financing such care?

    Were you depending on Medicare, Managed Care, or Medigap to reimburse you?

    Does not being able to balance quality care with affordable option keep you up at night?

    We understand that assisted living isn’t cheap. Most good quality options will also come with a hefty tag that must be paid out-of-pocket. That’s why, we have gathered the following tips for you. We hope they bring down the cost for you!

    The Sooner you Start Planning, the Better

    It makes sense to shop around when you are looking for better options regarding assisted living. However, if you begin the research process right when you need to, you will be hard pressed for time. It is smarter to begin planning as early as you can manage. Moreover, if you delay the planning, you might miss out on a great assisted living community. That’s because many such places have a waiting list.

    Before you begin planning, however, we’d suggest you have a discussion with the loved one in question. Be frank about your financial situation and ask them to be equally open about their medical needs. It will be simpler to look for the right solution when you know what it is!

    A Move May Be in Order

    Life in urban areas comes with many benefits. However, it also has some drawbacks, such as raised real estate values and higher costs. This inflation will influence the cost of assisted living where you live. Often, it is possible to get the same level and quality of care with 25% reduction in cost in the suburbs.

    Determine Every Cost, No Matter How Small

    There will be ancillary costs to pay and if you don’t do your research thoroughly, they might be sprung on you in less than positive of ways! For instance, if your loved one needs assistance in remembering when to take medicines and how much, they will need more than the generic package offered by most assisted living communities. In order to give them access to medication management services, you could have to pay extra. If you already know the situation beforehand, the extra few hundred dollars might not come as an unpleasant surprise. Keep in mind the more complex the medication schedule is, the more you might end up paying!

    Get Personal

    You could have done all the research. You may have found out about the ins and outs of assisted living. However, you find it difficult to make the final decision. You want everything to be perfect for your loved one and can’t risk having missed out on an important detail. That is completely understandable. It is also where we come in! We are ready to advise and guide you throughout the whole process. Our advice will be personalized and tailored to your requirements.

    Don’t let the data overwhelm you. Let us help. Simply call 954-968-9409 and we will  be there!

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