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    William Kohn
    Florida Health Agency CEO

    William Kohn is a former resident of Chicago and later Avon, CT before settling in Lighthouse Point in 2008.  During the Vietnam era, he served in the US Army for almost 5 years, most of that time in Germany.  He has a masters of engineering from the University of Illinois where he majored in energy engineering.  After four years as an engineer, William moved to the world of investments where he worked at Merrill Lynch and Oppenheimer for four years.  In 1986 he moved to Connecticut where he was a principal at Micro Engineering Solutions until 2000.  After a stint as a restaurant owner (something he recommends trying if you want to quickly lose an extra million or so) he renewed his focus in investments and ultimely in health insurance in 2005.

    From his experience both at Merrill Lynch and again in 2005 through 2007 at both Zacks Investments and at BCG, he decided that any future financial business endeavor would be predicated on a foundation based upon assisting individuals in manners that they would not be subject to ‘market risk’ and where his advice would in essense cause no harm. Health insurance and prudent life insurance are two areas where this premise was used as the core foundation for creating Florida Health Agency.

    Today, as the CEO of Florida Health Agency he has a small crew of 7 agents most of whom have in excess of 50 years of primarily Medicare, but health insurance experiance.  They serve approximately 4000 clients with about an even split between medicare and U65 clients.  Their entire book of business is primarily Florida based, with fewer than 15 non-Florida accounts at this time.  Including people who dropped off of Obamacare they have processed almost 5000 ACA applications during the period 2013 through the present.  In 2015 Florida Health Agency was recognized as one of the 25 largest ACA dealers in the country by Molina Healthcare, the leading carrier based upon enrollment in Miami-Dade during the 2015 Annual Election Period.  Florida Health Agency has an A+ Rating with the BBB, and has been awarded the Super Service Award by Angies List.  Florida Health Agency has more A ratings on Angies List than any other health insurance agency in the state.  Their primary office is located in Pompano Beach although they do work from St. Lucie and Miami locations as well.  They represent every insurace carrier in Florida doing Individual Health Insurance with the exception of the small local Blue Cross product that is specific to Tallahassee, FL.  On a personal note, he is fortunate enough to have the companionship of Daryl Miller and together they enjoy friends, their families, and especially the times they get to travel together.

    Claudia Bueno
    Florida Health Agency Executive

    Claudia Bueno is an executive in Florida Healthy Agency.  She received her master’s degree at Lynn University in Educational Leadership . Since arriving in the United States she has strived to serve the Brazilian community. Claudia speaks Portuguese, English, and Spanish to better serve our diversified market. Claudia is passionate in her desire to assist others in their personal quest to become successful .  She came to  to our team adding her charisma and intelligence guiding our customers to understand the complexities of the American health insurance marketplace for those requiring simple health plan through the unique complexities of Medicare. Claudia has broadened the focus of the agency to include within our mission those who live in the United  States without documentation but who need quality solutions for their healthcare needs.  Claudia is concerned with ensuring our clients receive individualized treatment and are treated in a professional manner. She derives satisfaction in knowing that her clients have made the right choice for their current situation.  Claudia was born in Sao Paulo, and currently lives in Boca Raton.  In her spare time she enjoys sunsets on the beach. Her hobbies include reading, cooking, going to the gym, and playing basketball with her son.


    Barbara Phillips
    Florida Health Agency Executive

    Barbara Phillips began her journey through life in the Catskill Mountains of New York in the late 60’s, where she held different positions, from being a waitress to Head Reservation Manager, always challenging herself to be better and accomplish more.   It was here that her curiosity of people and her thirst to learn about them was ignited.   Since the winters up north were long, very cold and having grown up in Western New York and having spent almost 8 more years in the Catskill Resorts she yearned for the warmer weather, so when her sister announced that she was moving to Florida with her new husband, it was like the devil possessed Barbara, and without a moments hesitation, she packed up her belongings and followed them to sunny Ft. Lauderdale.   Barbara spent another decade or so in the restaurant and hospitality industry in various management positions until one day, an opportunity presented itself, which was life altering. Some would say as one door closes, another one is or in my case was opened. Barbara was offered a position to work in an insurance agency processing medicare claims for some of the clients, and arranging Home Health Care Aide visits for other clients. The owner of the agency insisted that Barbara attend class to get her Health and Life License.

    Early on in her insurance career, she was able to recognize that her inquisitiveness, empathy and passion would best be served working with the Baby Boomers, and she became a Medicare Marketing Representative in 1994.  Barbara found it most rewarding to work with this segment of our population and they provided the platform upon which she was able to acquire her education and expand her knowledge quickly.  After 22 years of acquired knowledge and research, both of which can’t be found in a book or on line Barbara has been acknowledged as the “go to person” for many agents and 1000’s of Florida clients.  Even to this day, she listens intently to each unique story. She loves to be challenged by their individual set of circumstances, questions, and concerns and is driven by her desire in wanting to make a difference in their lives by providing the answers and solutions in each case.   Barbara lives in Pompano Beach with her beloved spouse for the past 11 years and recently was elected to the Board of Palm Aire Condo Community #5.  Barbara enjoys watching the incredible sun sets of Florida, most water sports, like boating, jet skiing, sailing, snorkeling and fishing. She loves to travel and would love to go camping more, however her work and 4 cats keep her close to home for the time being.

    Betsy Smith
    Florida Health Agency Executive

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