South Florida is a growing community, with beautiful weather, thriving business, and affordable property values. 

As such, people are raising families and making their dreams a reality in many of the state’s thriving communities. However, there are some urban health issues playing out in these areas that you’ll need to get a handle on if you live here. 

This is a microcosm of health problems happening throughout the whole country, so you can use these guidelines to figure out how you and your loved ones can get healthy and stay that way. 

Follow the tips below to learn more about these sorts of health problems and what you can do about them.

1. Issues With Heart Disease

Heart disease issues are epidemic right now for a lot of different reasons. Studies show that 25% of deaths today are due to heart disease. 

When you have a healthcare plan, make sure that it makes provisions for healthcare that protects your heart. This means regular checkups, access to preventative care, and getting treatments that will lower your cholesterol and other problems. 

Heart disease can lead to heart attack, which can be one of the scariest health ordeals that you ever go through. 

By keeping up with your heart health you will be able to improve your quality of life. 

2. A Diabetes and Obesity Epidemic 

Close to 10% of the population today has diabetes. 

Whether it’s Type 1 or Type 2, diabetes isn’t something that you want to endure. The perfect part about it is that in most cases, it is entirely avoidable. 

Diabetes is largely lifestyle-related, so you can reduce your chances of going through it whenever you get your diet under control. Eating plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables will be a useful remedy for staying free of diabetes. 

Fixing your diet is something that your doctors will recommend after the diagnosis, so it is best to change your diet to something healthy so you never have to get a diagnosis in the first place. 

Be sure that you also have a healthcare plan that gives you access to the best medication as well. This includes equipment like glucose monitors and insulin shots. 

3. Air Pollution Problems

Each year, South Florida goes through smog season once summer arrives. 

As a result, your breathing air might be disturbed, which is something that you need to be mindful of. Be sure that you go to the doctor if you are experiencing any respiratory issues, skin rashes or other forms of pollution-related illnesses. 

This way, you can improve your quality of life and will be able to stand up and endure even the worst pollution that the area has in store. 

4. Substance Abuse and Drug Addiction

A lot of people today are dealing with substance abuse. There is an opioid epidemic, and alcoholism has always been an issue in modern society. 

Because of this, you need to be mindful of any substances you take either recreationally or medically to consider whether or not you have a problem. 

Since South Florida is home to some world-renowned party cities, you will definitely want to ask yourself some honest questions and get help if you need it. In terms of substance abuse, Florida is considered a problem area because of the proximity to cocaine shipments and corruption in the pharmacy industry that enhances the illegal prescription pill market. 

Face your drug or substance addiction head-on in order to get the care that you need. 

5. Mental Health Issues

Make sure that you are always doing everything that you can to keep your mental health in order. 

Visit a therapist every week so that you have someone to talk to who can assist you in this regard. You can also take up meditation as a way to ground yourself and clear your thoughts. 

The more you learn about mental health and its importance, the more you are able to manage your lifestyle and get more out of your quality of life. 

6. Stress-Related Illness and Ailments

Stress is also rampant today, particularly when you live in large city urban areas. 

These areas tend to be congested and always on the go, which can cause anyone’s stress levels to skyrocket. Be sure that you are sticking to an exercise program so that you are giving your body and mind what it loves. 

Learn to watch your breathing and calm down in stressful situations, and add context to your life so that you don’t get carried away by anxiety. 

7. Physical Pain Problems

Pain problems are also par for the course today. 

If you work in a job that means sitting down for a long time, it can be bad for your back. Aside from that, a lot of people are dealing with arthritis and other issues that make their joints and their whole body inflamed. 

Be sure that you look into all of these issues so you can manage your physical pain the right way. 

Consider These Urban Health Issues

When you live in an urban area of south Florida, these are the types of health issues you need to be aware of. 

Be sure that you look into these points so that your health is at its best. It will allow you to love your quality of life and age in a way that is healthy and prosperous. 

We can help you out when you have any urban health issues.

Do your research into these health issues and book an appointment with one of our professionals today. 

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